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The much-anticipated The London Festival® is now accepting applications from local artists

The much-anticipated The London Festival, which is a two-week festival of arts, music, and culture, is now accepting applications from local artists. These artists will get the chance to perform at the festival which is expected to take place in 2023.

The London Festival® was created and produced by Nascent Vek Productions. It is a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates the very best that the Capital has to offer. Their festival offers loads of entertainment from cultural events to feel-good entertainment, and even engaging new technology. It will also host live performances for the duration of the festival on its London Stage.

A majority of the London Stage line-up is allocated to local singers, musicians, comedy acts, dance groups, and other live stage performers, with just 20% of the line-up reserved for major headliners. Being part of the performers in the festival is quite simple, and those interested just need to register through the festival website and enter into the public vote. Securing a place on the stage is completely free.

The public will get a chance to vote for their favourite artists after the deadline for applications. After this process, performers that receive the most public votes will get to perform during the festival. Up-and-coming artists are given a unique opportunity to perform in one of 2023’s biggest festivals. Furthermore, all the acts that perform at the festival will receive a grant from Empower London Foundation to boost their career.

Representing people of all ages and cultures, unique event will be honouring diversity without cliché or stereotype. So, all artists from all walks of life to get involved and share their passion on stage in front of thousands of festival attendees.

The Managing Director of Nascent Vek Productions, Michael S. Darcy, said: “We want the festival to be as representative of London as it can be, and to do that we knew we had to put the choice of performers in the hands of the public. Letting anyone enter the ballot and allowing the public to vote creates a truly interactive experience – after all, the public knows better than we do about what they want to see on stage. This opportunity could also be a once in a lifetime gig for local artists who are waiting to be discovered.”

Performers need to be 16 or over and live in one of London’s 32 boroughs to apply for their space. Applications are made online, with winners being selected on March 31, 2023. Anyone who is a live performer can enter for free on the site,

Visit to find out more about the London Festival and for further updates on the 2023 line-up.  


Partnering with reputable charities and public sector organisations, The London Festival® is committed to raising funds to better the lives of disadvantaged communities and underappreciated individuals in the capital.

Attendees enjoy a two-week, family-friendly extravaganza that’s packed with cultural events, historic wonders, and feel-good entertainment. Launching in the summer of 2023, guests will relive London’s colourful past through life-size reconstructions and virtual displays, before enjoying the city’s food, art, and culture and taking in the latest technologies.

Every day, live musical performances from VIP artists and local talent will take place on the stage, with the line-up being selected by the general public through an innovative voting system. The event has been created and produced by Nascent Vek Productions, which has committed to a ten-year plan for the Festival.

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