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As strikes enter their second day, searches for ‘join union’ skyrocket 184%

Analysis of Google search data, conducted by recruitment experts at Workello, reveals that searches for ‘join union’ exploded 184% in the United Kingdom as of 22nd June 2022 – the week of the largest rail strike in decades. The end of June sees members of the RMT union go on strike over the course of the week, over job cuts, working conditions, pensions and pay.

The analysis, by recruitment experts Workello reveals that searches for ‘join union’ exploded to almost triple the average volume within the past week, an unprecedented increase in Brits looking to sign up to a trade union, according to Google search data analysis. The data also reveals that searches for ‘how to strike’ have exploded 135% since the strikes began.  

A spokesperson from Workello commented on the findings: 

“This week the British public have been faced with trains up and down the country coming to a standstill as a result of these strikes by RMT, leading to difficulties getting to work, attending events and appointments. 

However, the strikes have also encouraged a surge of online interest in joining a trade union, indicating the massive impact that strikers are having across the country. With more strikes across other sectors rumoured to take place in the future, it will be interesting to see whether these searches continue to rise, especially if strikers achieve their desired outcome.” 

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