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Arrimadas Offers Sánchez His Votes For National Alarm To Support Him

The leader of Ciudadanos Inés Arrimadas has telephoned the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez this Friday to ask him to take control and decree the state of national alarm for which she offers the support of her 10 deputies in Congress

Arrimadas has also asked the PP to support the approval of the state of alarm so that the autonomous communities have a legal umbrella that allows them to adopt forceful measures Such as the curfew that Andalusia the Valencian Community and Castilla y León have already implemented with the aim of avoiding total confinement The second wave has gotten out of hand

Each autonomous community is taking measurements on its own There are conflicting ads in the same community Enough already We want the Government to take control Arrimadas said

The president of Cs has launched this announcement after meeting her management urgently in the morning with the four regional vice presidents that the party has Madrid Ignacio Aguado Castilla y León Francisco Igea Andalusia Juan Marín and Murcia Isabel Franco and the deputy mayor of Madrid Begoña Villacís

Citizens are again demanding the approval of a state of national alarm as requested last March during the first wave of the pandemic

Then the Arrimadas party approved the six extensions of the alarm and their support was decisive for them to go ahead

Until now however the party had not asked again in the second wave for this legal instrument to which its partner in the Community of Madrid the PP of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has opposed frontally to the point that the Government Pedro Sánchez has had to end up approving it in Madrid against his criteria

I tell the Prime Minister that here he has 10 loyal seats to Spain to approve or extend the state of alarm I say to the PP that it is necessary to support these measures Arrimadas has considered

The president of Cs is concerned that the Sánchez government does not approve a national alarm for not having sufficient parliamentary support and that is why she gives her support and puts pressure on the popular

The leader of Cs believes that to approve curfews obviously a state of alarm will be necessary as a legal umbrella and calls for a national plan of action in the face of the second wave

The Government of the Community of Madrid of which it forms Citizens part abstained this Thursday in the vote of a new national measures plan at the meeting of the interterritorial health council arguing that it was late only Madrid and the Basque Country abstained

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