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Former Navy SEAL’s Location Tech Solution Addresses Anaheim’s Panic Button Controversy

As the June 13th Anaheim legislative meeting approaches, a heated debate between Unite Here Local 11 and the hotel industry ensues regarding proposed legislation for mandatory panic buttons, higher wages, and workload limitations in the hospitality sector.

Unite Here Local 11 advocates for significant wage increases, workload regulations, and improved worker safety through the implementation of panic buttons to combat workplace harassment and violence.

However, hoteliers express concerns about the potential negative financial impact on the Anaheim Hospitality sector posed by the proposed legislation.

Amidst these discussions, both sides agree that incorporating a panic button solution with indoor geolocation technology would add an additional layer of safety for hotel workers.

In response to these concerns, Location Tech, an authorized application provider of Motorola Solutions, is working with the Anaheim hospitality sector. Led by former Navy SEAL Jeff Engel, Location Tech offers a range of solutions that go beyond panic buttons, providing advanced safety technologies that not only enhance security but also reduce costs.

In addition to panic buttons, Location Tech’s platform includes features such as leak detection, waste monitoring, occupancy sensors, movement sensors, geolocation-enabled radios, and other IoT/smart solutions. Engel and his leadership team have developed a comprehensive offering that goes beyond a singular panic button solution, creating a suite of solutions within a single platform.

Some hotels view Location Tech’s offering as an efficiency tactic, as these technologies have the potential to streamline operations and improve efficiency while enhancing staff safety. However, it is crucial to strike a balance to prevent a situation where employees work less while demanding increased compensation, as some union advocates propose.

With the legislative meeting just around the corner, it is essential for the community to actively participate in the discussion and help shape the future of Anaheim’s hospitality industry. Achieving a balance between worker safety and economic sustainability is a critical challenge, one that our community is prepared to address.

We extend an invitation to all stakeholders – workers, hoteliers, and the wider community – to attend the legislative meeting on June 13th, contribute to the discussion, and play a role in shaping this crucial legislation for Anaheim’s hospitality industry.

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