A Dog That Protects And Watches Over Chicks Moves TikTok

A dog that protects and watches over chicks moves TikTok. The dog comes down “every half hour” to check the condition of the chicks, which live on the ground floor of his house. A woman discovers her lost family after buying an old photo album at a flea market .

The protective instinct of animals can transcend species and that is the case of an adorable dog that has become famous on TikTok for having gone out of his way to protect and watch over some chicks that his owner has in the house.

In a video that her human has uploaded to the well-known social network, she explains the case: ” This is my dog ​​every half hour, when he remembers that there are babies downstairs . “

Then the dog can be seen leaning out of the chicks’ basket, attentive and without taking his eyes off, while the birds peck at the sawdust, indifferent to the other animal.

“A single father who has two jobs , who loves his children and never stops,” said the owner, Mary, who later made other videos about the success of these images.

A single dad who works two jobs, who loves his kids & never stops

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And it is that that clip already has about four million visits and more than 750,000 likes’ on TikTok.

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