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A ‘Rider’ Allows To Arrest In Zaragoza A Convicted Of Corruption Of Minors

A Glovo rider has played a decisive role in Zaragoza to arrest a convicted person for corruption of minors , who has fled since 2017. He is Roberto Malo González, whom the Zaragoza Court sentenced to eight years in prison for impersonating in Facebook by a teenage girl and tricking two minors into sending her pictures of pedophile content. As Heraldo recounts , the detainee was at his parents’ home when he could finally be arrested.

The agents had proof that the condemned man lived at this address, but they never opened the door, so they took advantage of the entrance of a rider who was carrying a food order to access the portal and from there they ended up detaining Malo. His immediate admission to jail was decreed.

In 2017, the man denied the facts against him and argued before the judge that someone had hacked his computer and impersonated his identity, which was when the maneuvers to deceive the two brothers, aged 12 and 15, took place. throught social media.

The teenagers’ testimony against Malo was also corroborated by their mother in court . Not only were the detainee’s conversations with the children discovered, but he also saw images of other minors that he himself had sent.

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