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Increase Sales with a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok

There are generally two sides to a digital marketing agency in Bangkok that work in harmony to grow your conversions and sales, build brand awareness, and make your brand’s website the foundation of your online marketing activities. 

Most digital marketing activities depend on an experienced and talented SEO team to enable and manage the mechanics of all the elements entailed in digital marketing. This means setting up or optimising a website, an ecommerce platform, a series of social media and display advertising campaigns, and so much more. 

Two Sides of One Company

Digital marketing and SEO are two sides of one company. SEO makes digital marketing possible. The digital marketing strategies and ideas dreamed up by the marketers are enabled by the technical knowledge of the SEO team. 

A client who partners with a digital marketing agency in Bangkok typically takes the first step by allowing the SEO team to perform a complete SEO audit on their website. This tells the agency what they have to work with and what aspects of the site need to be improved to perform at the level the agency has planned for it.  

Getting Started

Hosting an ecommerce platform and handling the large amount of web traffic that digital marketing typically generates takes a strong site. The SEO team’s responsibility is to ensure it’s ready for what’s to come. The team checks to make sure the site’s loading speed is fast enough, there are no broken links between the pages, the site is informative and easy to navigate, and many other aspects that together indicate a stable and commercially viable website. 

At the same time the audit is being performed, the digital marketing team is exploring the client’s business and performing research on the client’s industry, competition, products and services. They use all this data to formulate a winning marketing strategy that will be presented to the client for approval. Once the client approves the strategy and the SEO team says that the website is robust enough to handle the marketing activities, the agency gets to work implementing the strategy. 

The stated goals of the client mainly determine the marketing strategy. Secondary influences might include counteracting any ongoing marketing activities by competitors, lack of brand awareness, low conversion rate, or dealing with any number of barriers to the client reaching its goals. 

Normally, digital marketing is an ongoing process that must be continuously worked at to achieve significant gains. You have to remember that you’re always in competition with the other brands in your industry, and they’re also active in the digital marketing arena.  

Primal is an award-winning digital marketing and SEO agency in Bangkok. They help clients spread awareness about their brands, increase conversions and sales, and begin an ongoing, mutually beneficial communication with their customers through effective digital marketing. Learn more about what they can offer by getting in touch with them and scheduling a consultation.       

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