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Intraway and Prodapt Collaborate to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Telecommunications Industry with Cloud-Native Service Provisioning and Orchestration

Intraway, the industry leader in No-Code, SaaS Activation, Provisioning, and Multi-Domain Orchestration, has announced a strategic partnership with Prodapt, the largest and fastest-growing specialised firm in the Connectedness industry. Together, they aim to provide cloud-native service activation and orchestration solutions to expedite the digital transformation efforts of service providers.

With its extensive expertise in telecom network domains and integration capabilities, Prodapt will simplify the development and deployment of Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) stacks for integration operators through a cloud-native approach.

Rajiv Papneja, Chief Technology Officer of Prodapt, stated, “Through this partnership, Prodapt can seamlessly integrate Intraway’s Symphonica within service providers’ IT environments at a reduced cost. This collaboration will help service providers achieve significant operational goals, including network scalability, delivering and maintaining superior network experiences, operational streamlining, Opex reduction, and improved network resource monetisation.”

Service providers often grapple with outdated legacy systems that increase complexity, resource utilisation, and costs. By leveraging Intraway’s Symphonica, a ready-to-deploy SaaS platform for service activation and provisioning, service providers can sharpen their focus on their core business.

“We are delighted to establish this partnership with Prodapt, which expands our global reach and provides Prodapt and their clients with a high-performance OSS platform to incorporate into their solutions. This will reduce time to market, operating costs, and enhance operators’ agility in developing and delivering services to their customers. We consider this a vital strategic relationship and have made significant investments in enablement and market development,” said Mark Abolafia, SVP Business Development/Global Channel Partner Program at Intraway.

The collaboration between Intraway and Prodapt represents a significant step towards driving the digital transformation of service providers in the telecommunications industry. By leveraging cloud-native service provisioning and orchestration, these solutions empower service providers to enhance operational efficiency, accelerate service delivery, and remain competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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