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Top 15 Most Popular Spring 2023 Wedding Trends

Longer days, more sunshine and breathtaking blossoms – spring is certainly a gorgeous season for a wedding.

To provide insight on the most popular wedding trends for spring 2023, the experts at Aura Print compiled a seed list of 25 popular trends and scraped Pinterest to discover the number of Pins for each.

And here are the top 15 most popular spring 2023 wedding trends, ranked…

RankSpring Wedding TrendNumber of Pinterest BoardsNumber of Pins
11sage green232,603

First place for the most popular wedding trend for spring 2023 goes to the floral-themed trend. This trend had 22,148 Pins on the image sharing platform. It can include things like floral arches, flower-themed cakes or flower crowns.

With a total of 11,765 Pins, the blue-themed wedding trend places second in the study. The trend also appeared on 116 Pinterest boards from 2022 onwards, cementing its popularity for the upcoming season. What is more, there’s been a great interest in navy blue wedding invites, which had a whopping 16,725 Pins.

Following closely behind, with 11,187 Pins is another colour-themed wedding trend, but this time it is the colour green. A perfect colour for a spring wedding, green-themed wedding trends featured on a total of 108 boards on Pinterest. As with any colour-themed wedding, any decorations with green shades would fit such a wedding theme.

And the least popular spring 2023 wedding trend is…

With only 45 Pins in total (22,103 less than the floral-themed trend in first place) and appearing on just one Pinterest board, the pearl-themed wedding trend finishes in 25th place and therefore, last.

Liam Smith, expert at Aura Print, provides some information on why floral and colour-themed wedding trends are so popular for spring 2023

“A floral theme can bring a lot of romance to a wedding and the possibilities with such a theme are endless. Spring is a popular season for floral-themed weddings, as all trees and flowers are in full bloom, and couples have a vast range of different flowers they could choose from. As for blue and green-themed wedding trends, these are colours associated with spring and with the huge amount of shades they have, can complement a spring wedding perfectly.”


  1. Aura Print sought to find out the most popular wedding trends for spring 2023.
  2. A comprehensive seed list of 25 popular wedding trends was collated.
  3. Following this, Pinterest was scraped utilising the search query season weddings keyword and the number of boards and Pins were recorded. Only boards that included the terms “wedding”, “bride”, “married” or “marriage” were collected in order to ensure the results were as relevant as possible.
  4. All spring wedding trends were then ranked based on the amount of Pins they had, so that the most sought after trend could be determined.
  5. All data was collected on 27 February 2023 and is subject to change.
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