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WhatsApp Is Developing The Function Of Reacting To Messages With Emojis

Although this update does not have a release date, it is estimated that it will be in the short term to improve the services offered by the app. WhatsApp is competing with Bizum and is developing the sending of money within the app.

WhatsApp continues to release updates to improve the quality of their implementation in order to provide superior service compared to other apps for instant messaging . As reported by WABetaInfo , this time the function of reacting to messages has begun to be developed.

Why has the blue check disappeared in the WhatsApp audios?
For now, you can respond in chat with an emoji or sticker to express your opinion, although with this new function you can find emojis under the message you have received to offer another type of response . It may not be anything new to you, since these reactions exist on other social networks such as Twitter (you ‘like’ tweets), Instagram and Facebook (in both apps you can react to your friends’ stories with different emojis).

It is only known that this option will be very similar to Instagram because the user will receive a notification when they have reacted to their message , in addition, WABetaInfo has wanted to show a screenshot of how these notices would be displayed within a chat .

Soon we will see WhatsApp for iPad work independently.
WhatsApp for iPad and Android tablets will soon arrive officially
It is still unknown when this feature will be released to all users , however, it is estimated to be soon. As you can imagine, it is expected that it will first reach the people who own the beta version of the application (as well as for Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web) to carry out the first tests. From 20BITS we will be attentive to the official launch date of this long-awaited update.

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