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Ana Blanco’s Lapse In The Telediario With Leire Pajín

The direct on television are not easy: technical failures or lapses are some examples of common errors that can get to see these connections, and no host, no matter how experienced it escapes them. This same Friday, the journalist Ana Blanco starred in a slip on TVE’s Telediario 1 that she quickly managed to correct, but that did not escape the audience’s ears.

Everything happened when the presenter gave way to a reporter who was on La Palma to report on the latest news about the eruption of the volcano.

“We’re going to Tajuya, with Leire Pajín , we started with Leire Pajín, with Leire … González,” Blanco corrected on the fly.

” We spoke with you now to talk about that large amount of ash that the volcano has expelled in the last hours,” added the presenter before giving way to her partner.

The slip of the tongue did not go unnoticed by some television viewers of the Telediario, who have commented on the confusion on social networks.

“What would Ana Blanco be thinking? Leire Pajín, from former minister to La1 reporter ,” joked one of the Twitter users who shared a video of the moment.

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