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Pandemic Parties Don’t Leave Boris Johnson Alone

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is the center of new criticism on Monday when a photo came to light in which he appears with his wife , Carrie Johnson , and several members of his staff in Downing Street Gardens drinking wine in May 2020 during a confinement by the covid .

The British newspaper The Guardian publishes on the front page a wide snapshot in which the head of the Government is seen sitting with his wife and two other people around a table where there are glasses and a bottle of wine , as well as a cheese plate .

In the same photo you can also see another table with four other members of the staff of the official Downing Street residence and, in the distance, more people chatting with drinks in hand, at a time when citizens were required to maintain social distance of two meters and only two people could be seen outdoors.

Sources in Johnson’s office have insisted that it was a work meeting , although this snapshot adds more controversy about the environment of the prime minister, after revealing in recent weeks that there was a Christmas party at the official residence a year ago while there was strong restrictions by the covid.

The ” number two ” of the Labor Party (opposition), Angela Rayner , said today that this photo makes it clear that the prime minister “shows us consistently that he has no regard for the rules that apply to the rest of us .”

Brexit negotiator David Frost and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Johnson has been accumulating crises for weeks , such as the controversy over a party or his attempt to alter parliamentary rules to prevent former Congressman Owen Paterson from being punished for having used his position to lobby ministries on behalf of a company he worked for.

The harsh setback for Johnson came Tuesday in the House of Commons , after nearly 100 Conservative MPs challenged his authority by voting against the introduction of covid passes to enter major events in England.

Two days later , the Conservatives lost the English seat of North Shrophsire in an election called for the resignation of Paterson . The Liberal Democrats took this seat.

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