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What Are The Most Polluting Web Pages On The Internet?

Have you ever stopped to think about how it can contaminate a web page or your social networks? In case you thought the opposite, the Internet also emits CO₂ emissions that can harm the environment , however, there are other websites that are more ecological.

Companies have started to get the idea of ​​not emitting carbon dioxide through powerful server networks that have high electricity consumption. For this reason, a study carried out by WebsiteToolTester has analyzed the web pages that emit the most CO₂ into the atmosphere.

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Netflix creates approximately 24 billion grams of carbon annually due to data content and the large number of users who enter the platform to watch their favorite series or movies. On the other hand, YouTube tops the list of the most polluting websites because it generates 702 billion grams of CO₂ per year from available videos and multimedia content broadcasts.

Google is not spared either, since it generates 267 billion grams due to the large number of users who use the browser every day. Amazon (in its Spanish version) is another platform that has earned a place in the ranking because it produces more than 27 billion grams of CO₂ due to the variety of products.

Online clothing sales websites have also earned a niche, El Corte Inglés with almost 3 billion grams of carbon and Zara emits 1.5 billion in its Spanish version.

Likewise, adult content pages are the ones that support the most traffic, taking into account that Xvideos emits 25 billion grams of CO₂ into the atmosphere in a single year .

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According to the report, Instagram is the social network that produces the least carbon, while Facebook or Twitter are part of the top 10 of the most polluting applications . This deference is due to the web designs they have, since a lighter page will emit less CO₂.

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