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The British Basketball League (BBL) “exploring offers” for Manchester Giants

Manchester UK: Fresh off the heels of a thrilling BBL Trophy Final last weekend, the British Basketball League (BBL) has today announced they are exploring offers from prospective third-party investors who are interested in investing in the Manchester Giants and the wider Manchester basketball community.

The BBL are currently in the process of engaging with third party investors and are inviting offers from potential buyers who match the ambition, growth and professionalism of the league.

Under the right conditions, potential investors will inherit the Manchester Giants at a crucial moment in the British Basketball League’s history and the league are seeking to attract investment from the right strategic partner, who can help redevelop the franchise in the long term both on and off the court.

The BBL will be looking to prospective investors to help elevate and transform the Manchester Giants into a world class operation who can compete at the very top of the British Basketball League and in European competition for years to come and to give the fans and the city of Manchester, the success they deserve.

Last year’s multi-million-pound investment from 777 Partners has helped take the league to the next level as it continues to grow and ignite passion amongst British Basketball fans. In addition, the BBL continues to thrive with record attendances and viewership’s both in arenas across the country, as well across the league’s broadcast channels and partners. 

Manchester has a historic and illustrious background within the BBL, and any potential investors would lead in a franchise which has significant growth opportunities. Manchester is the third largest city in the UK, with 2.5 million people residing in the Greater Manchester area. The North-West is a hotbed for sports entertainment, generating a regional economy of £63 billion, the second largest outside of London. The city boasts a higher percentage of under 16s participating in Basketball on a weekly basis than the rest of the nation, highlighting the region’s enthusiasm for the sport. Elite sport is integral to Manchester and its world class venues are home to national teams and international events and the city is synonymous with basketball in the U.K., with a loyal and diverse fan base supporting the club.

The BBL has experienced its most exciting period of growth in the last 12 months, with record viewership figures achieved on the court, a host of exciting commercial partnerships secured and multiple senior hires joining the organisation. The sport receives regular national media coverage and is broadcast live on Sky Sports, with viewership and fan interest in the sport expected to continue to grow in the immediate years ahead. 

The league has elite players from across the world, including former NBA stars entertaining vast audiences each week, with the BBL’s reputation growing to being one of the most progressive sports leagues in European sport.  

The BBL’s Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Radin, said:

“Manchester has an illustrious history within the British Basketball League, making the Manchester Giants an extremely attractive proposition for potential third party investors. British Basketball is experiencing its most exciting period of growth at present and is at a critical point in its history as momentum continues to grow. Between the new investment of capital into the league, the creation of exciting partnerships, the high calibre of players in the league and the return to European competition, the BBL is just beginning to deliver on its goal to create a compelling entertainment product for our fans and marketing and distribution partners.

“The BBL is in a unique position given its popularity in the UK and our ambition is to attract interested partners who share the league’s ambition for growth and who are well equipped to support and accelerate the long growth of the Manchester Giants, it’s players, partners and fans and more broadly, the basketball community in Manchester.

He added: “We want to become one of the most competitive and exciting basketball leagues in the world and I look forward to identifying and supporting the right investor to take the Manchester Giants forward into a revolutionary new era, setting up the club to be as successful as possible.”

Interested parties should contact Aaron Radin for further information.

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