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How to find the right Software Outsourcing Partner for your business

Nowadays, when more and more businesses are going digital, they prefer to outsource their development team as it can help in saving a lot of time & money, gives access to a huge talent pool, and increases profits & productivity. If you are one such business organization that is looking for an outsourcing development company but have difficulties in finding the right outsourcing partner, there are a few things that will help you outsource one of the best companies in the world for your projects. Besides, you can keep an eye on the hired team by using software development tools and techniques that help in measuring the productivity level of the developers.

Basically, outsourcing is the process that will allow you to have access to the best teams in the industry at lower costs. So, to help you search for such a company across various countries, this article will go through some of the main factors you should consider.

5 Steps to Follow For Finding Outsourcing Services Provider for Software Development

1. Study the portfolio

When it comes to choosing the right outsourcing company for your project, one of the best approaches is to see the proven case studies and make sure that the potential outsourcing company has relevant experience in your field. You must study the completed projects of the company and check the quantity & quality of every previously developed software by the experts of potential outsourcing companies in your industry.

And if you choose an outsourcing company that has already worked with the technology that you are hiring the team for, then there is a higher chance that the outsourced team will be able to meet your expectations. Besides this, the best outsourcing companies have experts that are often aware of all the trends in the IT market. Therefore, the service provider can offer the best solution by choosing the right tech stack for your project and also offer cost-effective service.

2. Evaluate Technical Expertise

When you want to get software developed for your company, the most important thing is to consider technical expertise. You must make sure that you choose one of the top outsourcing teams that can help you with the development process and see to it that you don’t face any difficulties in your software creation process.

When you are evaluating any outsourcing development firm, one thing that you must check is whether the company has relevant technical expertise to offer for your company’s project or not. You can also ask the potential outsourcing company questions like –

  • What products have you built with so and so technology?
  • What obstacles did your custom web app development or technical solutions provider team faced working with so and so technology?
  • Can you give us the CVs of your expert developers that can back up their expertise in the required tech stack?
  • Do you have relevant case studies and provide us with a detailed description of the scope of the project, so that we can get an idea of your project management skills?
  • How does your outsourced team work on any project? And do they have experience in working for companies around the world on a pre-decided budget?

By asking such questions to the team company you wish to hire might help you understand the team member’s experience and knowledge with the tech.

3. Customer Reviews of the Top Outsourcing Company

While choosing an outsourcing team, going through the customer reviews is the most important thing as it enables you to understand the developers better before you give them the job. Besides you can also see that these freelancers are experts in delivering major digital services or not. To find all these details about the potential outsourcing companies from various countries you can go through global portals and read their customer reviews and find more information about them. Some of the best websites that help businesses to search for freelancers or any popular outsourcing software development company are –

  • Clutch: It is a B2B platform that offers plenty of tips on how a business can choose the right outsourcing software development company. It has various unbiased client reviews and top lists that show the company’s work and their clients’ testimonials which can help you select the best software outsourcing company.
  • Freelance Platforms: There are many popular freelancing platforms like Freelancer, UpWork, and Fiverr. Any of these sites can help you find the best outsourcing company that offers services using core technologies for any country. Some of these jobs offering sites work with inbound leads. They offer you the list of best outsourcing partners that can work on the money you want, can handle all the tasks and complete them on time. You can find out reviews, work portfolios, and contact details of these outsourcing companies. You can also post jobs on these portals.
  • Google My Business: Google is the most popular platform in the world for anything and everything. So, there are very few chances that a company cannot be googled and tracked. Google My Business is a platform that provides a convenient tool for organizations to manage their online presence. Each and every outsourcing company would have its account in GMB so it becomes easier for the businesses to read their stories, check the portfolio, have a look at their customer reviews, and look through their corporate photos.
  • Corporate website: If you already have made a list of some of the top software companies that provide outsourcing work, then all you need to do is go through their corporate website and have a look at their services, projects, case studies, clients’ list, & customer’s testimonials. This can help you understand the company, its site development team, and its project management skills.

Besides all these things, if you have been recommended any outsourcing software development, just ask the firm to provide you with their client reviews and relevant documentation.

4. Communicate with a Software Team

When you appoint an outsourcing company, communication is the key. When you, being a business owner, keep a constant touch with the development team or the project management team, all things can go smoothly. Then all you need to do is monitor all the development processes and make sure that the in-house team is keeping track of it to have your product ready before the launch date.

If the communication breaks down, there are chances of delay which can affect your business and also affect your reputation in the global market.

Therefore, when you select an outsourcing provider, pay close attention to the following things –

  • English Fluency: Appointing US developers might cost you a fortune and disturb your budget. And this is the case with the majority of startups and small businesses. For them, maintaining a big online development team in the USA or Europe might be resource-consuming. Therefore, they must go with companies that are located in countries like India. They will easily find at least one person in the Indian outsourced team who is fluent in English.
  • Communication Channels: When any business is at a stage of choosing your outsourcing team, the basic thing it can ask is how the communication between development teams and the client will be organized. Being aware of the tools and instruments that the outsourced firm uses to keep in touch with your in-house software engineers is a must.
  • Workflow: Understanding the working process is also vital especially when you are working with a team that is located in another country. The hiring organization must focus on asking questions like – How often will they get projects’ updates? Will they get the demo of the system to get an idea about its quality? What is the percentage of the client’s involvement in the development services?

In addition to this, to optimize your cost, you must outsource from regions like India or Eastern Europe. But, before finalizing the team and assigning them tasks, make sure that the majority of the team members are proficient in the English language.

5. Take Advantage of a Trial Service

There are chances that organizations are stuck wondering how they will be able to choose an outsourcing partner because you lack credible evidence. To solve this problem, one thing you can do is start with a trial service.

The majority of the vendors start their pitch with the word ‘Trial’. They offer a trial of their services. They allow you to evaluate the quality of their services. The development team of your potential outsourcing partner will do a test task for you to give you an idea about its workflow. This can be great clarity for companies who are in doubt about the whole idea of the project outsourcing concept.

By doing so, you can have a look at the work of your project development team and the outsourcing partner can understand your goals, expectations and adjust to your workflow.

Conclusion to Finding Outsourcing Companies

As seen in this article, there are many ways to choose an outsourcing partner for your business project. You can pay attention to all the factors discussed here and find out the best web app development providers. You can create a list of the potential software development firms, choose the best out of it, verify the partner, make them understand your business, discuss the cost, have day-to-day communication, and once it’s done, you will get your project ready from the world’s best outsourcing management team.

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