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WhatsApp will help you avoid that person you don’t want to talk to

WhatsApp will implement a change in the states, which will allow users to configure privacy precisely, blocking whoever they want.

WhatsApp statuses are a simple way to let all our contacts know how we are doing; but they also serve to indicate if we are connected, and when was the last time we were. The problem is that this can be used to track our behavior , especially if someone decides to constantly look at when was the last time we went online; for example, to know if we have already gone to bed, or if we continue with the mobile.

WhatsApp already offers a “Last Time” feature setting; We can make the whole world see that state, that only our contacts can see it, or that nobody can see it. The problem is that our contact list can be full of people with whom we no longer want anything; for example, acquaintances that we do not want to delete from our contacts, but that we really want to avoid as much as possible.

According to WABetaInfo , WhatsApp is working on a new option, which will allow us to block specific contacts so that they cannot see the last time we connected; that is, they will continue to see us in their contact list, but they will not know if we have recently connected.

With the new option, we can make all our contacts see our connection status, except those we mark ; It is an option that adds more privacy, especially against the ‘unwanted elements’ of our contact list (yes, surely you have someone like that in your contacts).

It is a function very similar to the one that is already present in the configuration of the states; there we can also define if we want someone to not be able to see our status when we update it. But this function is somewhat more private, since it is normally updated automatically and not by our hand.

At the moment, this feature is only present in the beta version of WhatsApp, so it should not take long to reach everyone.

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